About our Plant Tonics:

100% Organic Plant Tonics for Plant Health & Pest Prevention.  Our solution to providing gardens of all sizes an all natural, easy to use, all-in-one plant health supplement & pest prevention. From food crops to houseplants, ornamentals to orchards & landscaping to medicinal herbs, we have you covered!  

Our Tonics are completely plant-derived and cold extracted over several months to ensure a complete extraction & preservation of active compounds.  All of our products start with a complete extraction of FRESH Aloe vera which is high in plant hormones, enzymes, minerals and is a good health supplement for all plants at all stages of growth!   Concentrated & easily diluted in water making for a quick and easy foliar spray or soil drench.  Our line up includes:

  1. Sprout Tonic - A hormone, enzyme & mineral rich Tonic that starts with concentrated extracts of several varieties of LIVE Sprouts combined with the mineral rich extracts of nutrient accumulating herbs such as Comfrey, Kelp & Stinging Nettle.
  2. Citrus Herb Tonic - This Tonic focuses on the terpene & mineral rich extracts of Citrus peels along with several terpene rich herbs such as lemongrass & peppermint.  As good a fertilizer as it is a pest preventative!
  3. Neem Tonic - The worlds only ‘whole plant’ concentrated Neem product including extracts of the Neem leaf, bark & seed, combining a wide range of pesticidal compounds and high in nutrients, Neem is particularly rich in Sulphur.
  4. Ritha Tonic - A highly concentrated saponin rich extract of the Soapnut.  This Tonic is an amazing stand alone fertilizer & pesticide (leaf and soil born pests), it is excellent at rehydrating dry or hydrophobic soils, and our favorite application is to use this as the emulsifying agent for Neem or Karanja Oil! 

All Tonics can be used for foliar or soil drench at 5ml-10ml per gal, applied once weekly for regular maintenance.  Can be used daily or as needed for pest outbreaks and to quickly increase the health/growth rate of lackluster plants (combined with proper environment & watering needs).

How to best use our Tonics?

Simply pick one or two that best suites your needs and alternate each week, or combine into one application.  

Alternate all four Tonics, one each week.

Lastly, our current favorite way to use them for a regular health supplement & pest preventative is to simply combine all four, in equal amounts, into one weekly foliar spray! For best results thoroughly apply to tops and bottoms of all leaves & stems.  

Plant stomata are most concentrated on the underside of leaves where they are protected from light/heat.  It is these microscopic openings that plants breath & transpire from and are also the openings that the plant will uptake the nutrients/minerals, hormones etc. that are in our Tonics!

*For sensitive plants use at just 2.5ml-5ml per gal, 1x-2x per month.  For houseplants during winter or times of little to no growth, reduce application rates by half recommendation and apply no more than 1x per month.  Once warm weather hits or growth resumes, a Sprout Tonic foliar is a great application to kickstart vibrant new growth!