Base houseplant blend:

Makes 25 Gallons, perfect to mix and store in a 45gal. storage tote. “Parts” are noted so one can adjust volume as needed but make sure to adjust the amount of soil amendments also.


2 parts or 5 gal 50/50 Canadian sphagnum peat moss 

& coco coir 

2 parts or 5gal perlite or pumice 

2 parts or 5 gal quality compost or castings 

2 parts of 5gal chunky coir 

1 part 2.5 gal bark 

1 part 2.5 gal biochar 

1 cup rock dust

1 cup kelp / alfalfa 

1 cup neem/Karanja 

Anthuriums: Extra aeration! 2 or 3 parts Base Houseplant Blend to 1 part Chunky Coir and/or Orchid Bark.  I do 50/50 bark and choir.

Hoya, Succulents, Cacti: 4 parts Base Houseplant Blend and 1 part Pumice or Lava Rock. Perlite in a pinch but I much prefer actual rock for these plants, their roots love it.