“Leaf Shine I” Premium Oil Blend + Mint

“Leaf Shine II” Premium Oil Blend + Rosemary 

 “Leaf Shine III” Premium Neem Oil 

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      Not your ordinary leaf shine product, Leaf Shine is unlike anything else available!  We take all the benefits of premium organic Horticultural Oils, pre-emulsified with natural plant derived Saponins (it’s ready to go, no need to mix with messy dish soap!) and top it off with an in-house blend of essential oils that further increase efficacy while smelling amazing.  When used in a closed environment (like your home or a greenhouse!) you’ll think someone turned on a diffuser; aromatherapy for you and a boost of health for your plants! 

     Use any of our three Leaf Shine products to maintain clean, healthy & vibrant plants.  But why three? Well I am glad you asked! :)

All three are excellent stand alone products.  Do you prefer the smell of Mint?  Pick Leaf Shine I!  Would you rather bathe your senses in the aroma of Rosemary while you spray your plants? Go with Leaf Shine II!  Are you an oldschool die-hard Neem fan?  You’ll definitely want to go with Leaf Shine III!

     It can be as simple as that when deciding which Leaf Shine is best for you, but if you’re feeling a little more advanced in your plant care routine I specifically formulated these three with different main ingredients so when alternating each product your plants (and any pests) are being showered with a completely different range of oils and plant derived compounds!  Each Leaf Shine makes an excellent stand alone foliar spray for your plants but alternating between any two or all three will provide an incredible range of horticultural oils and botanical extracts for your plants to benefit from and for pests to detest! 

     The idea behind Leaf Shine comes from many years of successfully using pure cold pressed Neem Oil as a foliar spray to combat and prevent pests of all types including the usual suspects all too many of us are familiar with like Spider Mites, Thrips, Aphids, Scales, Mealybugs & White Flys. 

There is one annoying fact about using Neem Oil, having to take the extra step of emuslfying it!  If you don’t use something like a dish soap along with it you end up with oil floating on water and an application that is not only useless but when you spray the solution the pure bits of oil floating in the water is too concentrated and will burn the part of the plant it lands on.  

Oil and water do not mix, the oil needs to be saponified, made water soluble, to create an even distribution in the solution you will spray on your plants.  The most common way to do this is to use a liquid dish soap.  But emulsifying Neem Oil with dish soap does not provide the best level of emulsification, there are too many variables including quality of the soap, amounts of each used, temperature of the water and in what way the user mixes them together.  For too many people this leads to lackluster results.

     It was when I created our Botanical Tonics I knew I could extract natural plant saponins to properly emuslify Neem Oil & other horticultural oils.  I spent over a year experimenting with different ratios of saponins to oils and other botanical extracts to create a formula that not only provides an easy to use pre-emulsifed oil right out of the bottle but also incorporates many of our botanical extracts that aid in overal plant health every time you apply.  This is not something you get with any other product on the market!  

When it comes to Neem Oil + dish soap, the dish soap not only adds ZERO benefit to the plant but it can be detrimental to overal plant health.  With our Leaf Shine the oils are emulsified with natural plant saponins along with many other compounds that your plants can benefit from.  This is something I always ask myself when making my products or considering an input in the garden.  What benefit does this bring to the plant?  

Every single ingredient we use is very intentional with the benefits it can bring to both plant and soil health! These products are not designed to just prevent pests or just increase leaf shine but to aid in plant health every step of the way.  So your plants can shine from within and without!


Leaf Shine I includes our blend of Premium Organic Jojoba, Karanja & Neem Oils + Peppermint Essential Oil

Leaf Shine II includes our blend of Premium Organic Sesame, Flax & Castor Oils + Rosemary Essential Oil

Both also include these amazing botanicals derived from our Botanical Tonics:

  1. FRESH Aloe vera: high in hormones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, saponins & its cellular water.
  2. Kelp: Trace minerals, 60 micronutrients, phytohormones, amino acids, vitamins & enzymes.
  3. LIVE Sprout Blend: We germinate & extract massive amounts of Fresh, living sprouts high in all the phytohormones, enzymes, minerals and cellular water.
  4. Terpene rich herbs such as Star Anise, Lemongrass & Lemon verbena.
  5. Soapnut berry: High in minerals & loaded with Saponins. Saponins are known to deter pests and trigger the plants natural immune system.

Leaf Shine III is our Premium Organic Neem Oil, instead of added essential oils we've included our in-house Neem leaf, bark and seed extracts to create the worlds first and only 'whole plant' Neem product on the market!

Leaf Shine III is the ultimate Neem product to have in your natural plant care arsenal and includes these amazing botanicals:

  1. A one of kind water soluble ‘Whole Plant’ Neem extract I derive from Neem leaf, bark & seed! Neem is well known for its pest fighting capabilities but lesser known is how rich it is in Sulphur which has many benefits towards plant health including increased flavor and aroma in your veggie & herb gardens!
  2. Soapnut berry: High in minerals & loaded with Saponins. Saponins are known to deter pests and trigger the plants natural immune system.
  3. FRESH Aloe vera: high in hormones, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, saponins & its cellular water.


Shake well before use. 

Foliar spray with 10ml / 2x tsp per gallon. 2.5ml or 1/2 tsp for a 32oz spray bottle. 

Concentrated formula, a little goes a long way! 

Optional: Wipe leaves of houseplants after applying to clean leaves & enhance shine. 

Evening application recommended outside, once the sun has passed, avoid times of intense light/heat. 

Spot test and wait 24-48hrs before fully applying on known sensitive plants.


Spray entire plant, tops and bottoms of leaves, stems etc. I spray until the plant is dripping.  Wipe tops of leaves to enhance shine and remove dust/debris allowing for more opimal photosynethis.  Apply as often as once weekly, as little as once monthly or “as needed” for maintenace.

For pest outbreaks spray 3x over the course of one week. 2x the second week and then resume a normal routine schedule.

If plants will be in the sun or under bright lighting, remove from light while spraying and wait until dry to place back in their spot, or wait until sun has pass or right before indoor lighting is turned off.

Vegetable/Herb Garden:

Same as above. No need to wipe leaves on outdoor plants.  Spray early morning or after sun has passed.

Spray early and often especially when it comes to crops known to very susceptible to pests.  Prevention is key!  Think about such crops as cucumbers, squashes and melons being very prone to powdery mildew.  Build a soil rich in minerals and humus (check out our rock dust and biochar!) to create plants with strong structure and healthy immune system and spray early and often to prevent spores from taking hold on the leaves!

People, Pet, Plant & Planet safe, all our Botanical Tonic & Leaf Shine ingredients are derived from plants and are food or medical grade.  This is incredibly important to us! The products and inputs we use in the garden and on the plants in our home can and should be safe even on our own skin! You might recognize some of our botanicals from the ingredients in your skin and hair care products and I think it is by no mistake that my research has proven to show that many of the plant produced compounds we find beneficial to human health are also benefical to plant health!