Our Approach to Plant Care 

     Mountain Organics Botanicals grew directly from our love for gardening and caring for plants.  The products you’ll see here are amongst the best I’ve found after more than a decade of research, experiments, and daily hands on gardening.  Plants became a passion and Mountain Organics Botanicals became a platform to turn my passion into a living, a way to share how I care for plants and offer the products to go along with it.  

     Our goal is to garden and care for plants in a way that improves the health of the soil the  health of the plant and the health of the planet all at the same time.  Furthermore, our entire product line is designed to grow vibrant and healthy plants with a strong natural immune system, fruits & vegetables that are richer in nutrients and herbs that are more aromatic for the cook and contain higher medicinal compounds all for the health of the consumer in mind.  

That means YOU and I and our collective families! :)

Natural Plant Care:

Botanical Tonics for plant & root health

Leaf Shine for vibrant plants & pest prevention

Soil Amendments for building soil & potting soil blends

Cover Crop Seeds for improving quality of soil & fixing Nitrogen

People, Pet, Plant & Planet safe, all our Botanical Tonic & Leaf Shine ingredients are derived from plants and are food or medical grade.  This is incredibly important to us! The products and inputs we use in the garden and on the plants in our home can and should be safe even on our own skin! You might recognize some of our botanicals from the ingredients in your skin and hair care products and I think it is by no mistake that my research has proven to show that many of the plant produced compounds we find beneficial to human health are also benefical to plant health!

Botanical Tonics:

For supplemental plant health I’ve developed 3x Concentrated liquid Tonics derived solely from plants and the compounds they create to enhance growth & vigor.

Plant Tonic: 

For all plants at all stages of growth great for foliar feed & soil drench.  Plant Tonic includes the ingredients I would want to feed my plants with every application.  The ingredients i’ve grown to love over the years that inspired the use of the word  “Tonic” in relation to plant health!  This is your fresh Aloe vera, live sprout extracts, kelp and unique nutrient accumulating herbs  such as horsetail, comfrey and stinging nettle.  

This is the pure & original Plant Tonic formula but because I want plants to benefit from these botanicals with every soil drench or foliar spray I have included Plant Tonic as a base ingredient in ALL OUR TONICS & LEAF SHINE products!  

Leaf Tonic: 

For the leaves! Foliar spray great for all plants at all stages of growth.  I use the Plant Tonic as the base concentrate for this product and then add our soapnut extract (loaded with natural saponins, natures soap!) plus extracts of highly aromatic herbs for a kick of pest prevention.  

This is my go to for Cacti, Succulents and any plants that might be sensitive to the oil based formula in our Leaf Shine products.  You can think of Leaf Tonic as being a natural “insecticidal soap” except it is actually good for your plants health!

Soil Tonic: 

For the soil!  Soil drench great for all plants at all stages of growth.  We also start with Plant Tonic & our soapnut extract as the base concentrate for Soil Tonic but instead of the aromatic herbs included in Leaf Tonic we add our Whole Plant Neem concentrate that includes extracts of the leaf, bark and seed (after the oil is pressed).  This added combo is an excellent soil application for fungus gnats, root aphids and other soil born pests.  It nourishes the plant via the roots, saponins act as a trigger to stimulate the plants natural immune system and can help alleviate hydrophobic soils.

Leaf Shine:

Leaf Shine I includes our blend of Premium Organic Jojoba, Karanja & Neem Oils + Peppermint Essential Oil

Leaf Shine II includes our blend of Premium Organic Sesame, Flax & Castor Oils + Rosemary Essential Oil

Leaf Shine III is our Premium Organic Neem Oil, instead of added essential oils we've included our in-house Neem leaf, bark and seed extracts to create the worlds first and only 'whole plant' Neem product on the market!

Use any of our three Leaf Shine products to maintain clean, healthy & vibrant plants.  But why three? Well I am glad you asked! :)

All three are excellent stand alone products.  Do you prefer the smell of Mint?  Pick Leaf Shine I!  Would you rather bathe your senses in the aroma of Rosemary while you spray your plants? Go with Leaf Shine II!  Are you an oldschool die-hard Neem fan?  You’ll definitely want to go with Leaf Shine III!

It can ge as simple as that when deciding which Leaf Shine is best for you, but if you’re feeling a little more advanced in your plant care routine I specifically formulated these three with different main ingredients so when alternating each product your plants (and any pests) are being showered with a completely different range of oils and plant derived compounds!  Each Leaf Shine makes an excellent stand alone foliar spray for your plants but alternating between any two or all three will provide an incredible range of horticultural oils and botanical extracts for your plants to benefit from and for pests to detest! 

Read more about Leaf Shine here!

Soil Amendments:

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Cover Crop Seeds:

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