Biochar - 3qt


Biochar, contains up to 80% organic carbon! Biochar is a superior soil amendment that excels at building healthy soil, hosting beneficial fungi & bacteria, improving aeration, retaining nutrients and has an incredible water holding capacity.  

  • Improves soil tilth
  • Retains nutrients & improves nutrient availablitly 
  • Retains 10-12x its weight in water aiding in drought tolerance & may reduce watering needs
  • Stimulates microbial growth and diversity
  • Incredibly porous increasing Oxygen content in the soil & root zone
  • Sequesters carbon


3qt bag = aprox. 12 cups

Great for all plant types.  Houseplants, veggies, herbs, cactus/succulent, citrus, ornamentals.

Potting soil:

Mix at up to 5%-10%. One time application is all that is needed, not to exceed 10% total volume.  Acts as an aeration component. 

Soil Amendment:

1-4 cups per cuF of soil to aid in water & nutrient retention and microbial diversity.


Add to compost & vermicompost process at up to 10%.  For small home composting setups, sprinkle a handful of biochar with every addition of kitchen scraps to your compost pile or worm bin.