Essential Houseplant Bundle


Essential Houseplant Natural Care Bundle

If I had to pick just three products to cover the health of my plants these would be it! 

Worm Castings include all the nutrients a plant needs, no other fertilizer needed! Plus includes a vast array of beneficial soil microbes and plant hormones. 

Soil Tonic has multiple benefits including pest prevention in the soil for pests such as fungus gnats and root aphids. Growth stimulant and provides an overall plant health boost from the multitude of plant derived compounds from extracts of Aloe, Live Sprouts, Horsetail, Kelp, Comfrey and other botanicals.  Will also aid in alleviating hydrophobic soils.

Leaf Shine is our organic oil based foliar spray that will cover pest prevention on the leaves as well as keeping them healthy, clean and vibrant! Leaf Shine includes many of the same botanical extracts in Soil Tonic so your plant is also receiving a healthy dose of growth stimulating compounds it can uptake via the leaves.


1. Worm Castings

6 pounds Worm Castings in a high quality reusable HDPE 1 gallon bucket with handle!

Organic Earthworm Castings are 100% Natural, with a healthy, earthy odor and the appearance of coffee grounds. The castings slowly release nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and increased production rates for fruits and vegetables.  Excellent for plants of ALL TYPES!

Worm Castings are loaded with nutrients, beneficial soil microbes, enzymes and phytohormones! Earthworms contain high amount of microbes in their gut that aid in digestion increasing nutrient availability and increasing microbial activity & diversity in their castings with no risk of burning plants or seedlings regardless of how heavy handed your application is!

Worm Castings allow plants to quickly and easily absorb essential nutrients and trace minerals. This is possible because Earthworms grind and uniformly mix the nutrients into simple forms, which are easily absorbed by the surrounding plant life. 

  • Contains a multitude of natural soil microbes 
  • Contains abundance of macro/micro nutrients including Calcium!
  • Contains natural phytohormones 
  • Adds organic matter to soil
  • Improves texture of soil
  • loosens compacted soil
  • is environmentally friendly and non-polluting 
  • does not burn plants or seedlings

Quality Assurance:

  • Lab Tested: 99% Pure Organic Worm-Castings 
  • Not produced with yard waste, landfill waste or animal manure
  • Guaranteed Weedseed free
  • Indoor manufactured and fed a controlled quality diet including mineral rock dust
  • Free of E-Coli and Salmonella 
  • Guaranteed the Highest Standard for Worm-Castings


1 pound =  ~2.5 cups

For all plant types.  

Houseplants, fruits, veggies, herbs,

succulent/cactus, citrus, ornamentals.

Will not burn plants in any amount. A little can go a long way but you can literally use as much as you want.

Potted Plants:

Apply ~1/4-1/2 cup per 1gallon pot size. Sprinkle around plant and water in. Once every 2 months.

Alternatively, mix ~1-2 cups in 5 gallons water and apply when plant needs watering.

Garden & Raised Beds:

Sprinkle handful around the base of each plant.

Place a handful of castings into each hole as you transplant. use 1/2 cup for smaller plants, more for larger plants. Cover and blend with soil or planting mix. 

Broadcast at the rate of 10 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. up to 4x a year, or once a year at the rate of 20-30lbs. 

In Potting Soil:

Use 4-8 cups per cuF of soil, or up to 10% by volume for heavy feeding plants.


Excellent addition to seed starting mix or sprinkle on top after planting seeds

2. Soil Tonic

3. Leaf Shine