Ian's Neem 16oz

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Special Limited Release!

A special concentrated blend of Whole Plant Neem extracts for the Ultimate Neem experience!  It's like Neem Oil, but better!

Includes Neem Leaf, Neem Bark and Neem seed extracts blended with Neem Oil pre-emulsified with Soapnut extracts.  Add this to your arsenal today, no telling when it will be made again! 

Shake the bottle and pour out just 2.5ml for a 32oz spray bottle, or 10ml per gallon and give your plants the best Neem experience they'll have ever had, period!

Like all oils, do not spray in the sun or under intense lighting, wait until sunset or just before lights out. Go for complete coverage, tops and bottoms of all leaves and stems, hitting the topsoil is good too!