Ian's Lavender 4oz


Special Limited Release!

A concentrated blend of Whole Flower Lavender extracts fused with Jojoba Oil for a Luxurious Lavender experience!  For the plants AND you!

Includes a concentrated Organic Lavender flower infusion blended with Organic raw Jojoba Oil fused together beautifully with our Soapnut extract.  

The aroma of Lavender comes from secondary plant metabolites, like all other plant aromas, consisting of terpenes and many other aromatic compounds.  You may be familiar with Linalool that Lavender is most known for, it is also high in Linalyl acetate, Lavandulol, 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol), limonene, camphor, caryophyllene, terpineol, ocimene and contains many others compounds the plant produces to both protect itself from pests while at the same time attracting beneficials such as pollinators to its flowers.  That is why these compounds are used in body and human health products, we too are able to take advantage of these plant produced anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral etc compounds to protect ourselves!  And in my Botanical Tonics we can then in turn take advantage of these plant produced protective compounds to protect and aid in the health of the plants in and outside of our homes!

Now with that said.....There's an added twist on this blend!  It makes an incredible skin nourishing & aromatherapeutic addition to your bath time! Yes, just like many of the body products you see on the shelf containing Lavender and Jojoba Oil, after spraying your plants with my Lavender blend, it's time for some Self Care! Yes you can spray yourself with it too, but go ahead and try the following, you won't regret it: 

Draw yourself a hot bath and add 15ml / 1TBSP of "Ian's Lavender" to the water and watch as it fully disperses into the water, fusing the botanical extracts and jojoba oil into every molecule of water to fully immerse your body in a skin and soul rejuvenating experience!  This is turning out, IMO, to be the BEST way to incorporate oils into bathtime because unlike traditional methods where the oil will simply float on top of the water, my Lavender Tonic EVENLY disperses into the entire body of water allowing for equal and full penetration into every cell on your body! :) 

Plants: Shake the bottle and pour out just 2.5ml for a 32oz spray bottle, or 10ml per gallon and give your plants the best Lavender experience they'll have ever had, period!

People: 15ml / 1TBSP into a warm bath.  Feel free to add a bath salt of your choice (unscented and with no oils, you don't want to taint this experience!), we like 1 cup of plain epsom salt along with it!