MidSummer Magik 2.1 Long Sleeve Shirt


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Midsummer Magik 2.1!! Limited Edition Holiday 2021 Release on these incredible Farm Fresh & Made in California Organic Cotton Long Sleeve shirts!  Once they're gone...they're gone!

Our gardens, be they large or small, are a direct manifestation of the deep connections between the astral cycles, soil life, fungus and the farmer’s watchful eye. When we take the time to pause from life’s distractions and to observe and even join with these powerful life forces, we begin to return to that primal and pristine state in which we humus-beings  were truly meant to reside. If we patiently learn to become that forgotten link once again, we will see that all of our joyful labor will catalyze into a bountiful and rich harvest. May you and your gardens always weather the storms. May the fruit of your labors carry you through the dark days of winter and help brighten your spirits with strength, resilience and gratitude.

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