• Organic Red Clover Seed - 16oz


    Organic Red Clover Seed - Trifolium pratense 16oz

    Red Clover, a Nitrogen fixing legume with rich biomass, gorgeous pink pollinator attracting flowers and extensive root system that aerates the soil, increases microbial activity and pulls up otherwise inaccessible minerals. Broadcast seeds direct in garden and keep moist until germination.  Sow at the beginning of each cycle/season by simply broadcasting seed evenly by hand over the mulch/topsoil, if you have a thick mulch layer you can use your hands to agitate the mulch so seeds fall underneath.

    Outdoors sow in fall or late summer as a winter annual, or spring, prior to a wet period to reduce watering needs, for an early season cover crop.  In our personal gardens we like to broadcast seed prior to first heavy snowfall and seeds sprout in spring at first warmth/snow melt in earnest.

    1lb covers 2000sf / 10lbs per acre.