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    The burning of aromatic herbs, barks +  resins, also known as SMUDGING, is an ancient part of ritual used to promote a healthy space and being. these plants have antiseptic properties and work to cleanse the air, space + energy. always keep area well-ventilated when smudging to allow impurities to flow and clear freely [open doors and windows] 

    California Coastal Redwood [Sequoia sempervirens]

    Wild | Mindfully | Hand-Harvested in Sonoma County, California

    The legendary ancient remaining giants, California Coastal Redwoods[Sequoia sempervirens] have long been honored and cherished as a  great protector of all and medicine source.

    Burning Redwood can help increase energy and livity, often used as a stimulant and tonic in the treatment of rundown conditions. Redwoods are considered to be a resonant with the frequencies of wellness, safety, longevity, wisdom, and communication. “To walk in a redwood forest is to enter nature’s cathedral.” Above all, this tree symbolizes vitality and longevity, as it can grow to 1,000 years old and comes from a lineage of trees which grow into old ages.
    It is a tree of immense physical vitality, with rapid growth that supports its own life, and the life of other species. The Redwood is a celebration “of the stature and majesty of physical incarnation and creation.”

    primavera lavender × mastic thyme 💨🌠 

    Organic | Living-Soil grown MASTIC THYME and PRIMAVERA LAVENDER

    mind-fully grown + hand-harvested in Sonoma County, California

    THYME + LAVENDER have long been revered for their powerful and abundant gifts, documented since ancient times

    Burning THYME can help protect our space, bring relaxation and restful sleep through aromatics, energy harmonization and cleanliness. Thyme is said to help dispel sadness, melancholy and uplift mood. Burning thyme is said to help boost memory and remove mind-blocks, as well as to help us recall the past without pain
    Burning LAVENDER can help in inducing a state of calm, relaxation and encouraging deep rest. Lavender can be especially beneficial to burn before bedtime or during a stressful time. Smudging lavender can help one restore emotional balance, while cleansing the air, providing aroma therapy, and creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Lavender can encourage loving angelic energy

    primavera lavender 💨💜 

    lemon balm × lavender 🌌💨

    lemon balm × chamomile 💛💨

    chamomile × rosemary 🌿💨

    organic | living-soil-grown

    primavera/spanish lavender, rosemary, chamomile, thyme grown in northern california

    lemon balm grown in Connecticut

    directions: in a well-ventilated area, light the tip of the smudge stick [works best when lit with a candle] then blow out the flame + hold the smudge over a fire-proof surface to catch the smoldering ash. after use extinguish with water, sand or rocks
    *keep children + animals away from lit smudges, do not leave lit smudges unattended