Sweet Blue Lupine Seeds - 50 seeds


Sweet Blue Lupine - Lupinus angustifolius

Blue Lupine, a Nitrogen fixing legume that has been grown for over 6000 years as an edible seed crop, fodder for animals, as a deep rooted cover crop to improve soil & for its green manure. Beautiful blue spike-like flowers attract pollinators & make this an excellent choice to feature in any garden. 

Sweet Blue Lupine has become a favored planting by many wildlife enthusiasts wanting to attract deer, turkey, quail and other game. It produces excellent high-quality deer feed in the Fall and Spring months. Lupine produces a beautiful blue spike-like bloom and also makes excellent seed production for game birds.


North: April-May
South: September-October and March-April

Depth: 1/2 - 1 inch

Rate: 1lb per 1,000sf

Type: Cool season annual


Scratch the seed surface or soak seeds overnight in lukewarm water to allow the seed coat to be easily penetrated. Seeds of the lupine plant may also be chilled for a week in the refrigerator prior to planting.  May also sow seeds directly in the garden prior to the onset of your cold/winter season and allow nature to do the chilling and seeds will sprout in spring when signaled by warming weather.

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