Ultimate Tonic n' Shine Bundle - 4oz


The Ultimate MOB Bundle that includes all 6 Botanical Tonic & Leaf Shine products to create the most comprehensive Natural Plant Care routine for all your plants both inside and out!

Leaf Tonic: One for the leaves.

Infused with Lemongrass, Lemon verbena & 21 other botanicals!

Soil Tonic:  One for the soil.

Infused with Soapnut, Neem, Horsetail & 10 other botanicals!

Plant Tonic: One for the leaves and the soil.

Infused with Aloe, Kelp, Sprouts & 5 other Botanicals!

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Includes all three Premium Organic Oil based Blends!  Alternate between all three for the most dynamic approach to pest prevention while allowing your plants to shine from within and without no matter which one you choose!

Leaf Shine I includes our blend of Premium Organic Jojoba, Karanja & Neem Oils + Peppermint Essential Oil

Leaf Shine II includes our blend of Premium Organic Sesame, Flax & Castor Oils + Rosemary Essential Oil

Leaf Shine III is our Premium Organic Neem Oil, instead of added essential oils we've included our in-house Neem leaf, bark and seed extracts to create the worlds first and only 'whole plant' Neem product on the market!

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